Salary Income Tax
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Check List For Filing Income Tax Returns

For the Purpose of filing the Income Tax Return the Assessee has to be provided the following documents:

  • TDS Certificates.
    • TDS Certificate for Salary Form 16.
    • TDS Certificate for Professional/Commission/ Interest Form 16A
  • Copy of PAN card.
  • Copy of Transactions in D-mat Account (If Any).
  • Copy of Any other Investment apart from Form-16.
  • Copy of Challan for Payment of Advance Tax/ Self Assessment Tax.
  • Address & email ID of Assessee.
  • Housing Loan Interest Statement.
  • In case of Refund- Bank Details (Bank Name, Bank S B Account No, Bank Branch, MICR Code of the Bank,)
  • House Property Address (let-out & self occupied).

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