Salary Income Tax
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Nature of item/ claims

Supporting document




1. Income tax under salaries

Salary certificate given by the employer (basic document)

2. Exemption in respect of travel concession
details of actual expenses incurred/mode of transport)
3. Exemptions in respect of house rent allowance
rent receipts

4.deductions towards professional tax
Receipt for pay ment of professional tax ( if paid by directly and not by deduction at source)


1. Income declared for the first time






(i) Details of property acquired- Address, cost and date of possession.

(ii) Source from which cost was met, to prove that the source was from post tax savings and/ or gifts or loans.

(iii) Confirmatory letters from the parties in respect of gifts/loans from private parties.

(iv) Copy of purchase deed.

(v) Where loan is taken from source, like
employer, LIC, HDFC, HUDCO, canfin homes, etc. copy of the order sanctioning loan.

2. Annual value Municipal valuation report or standard rent calculation. If let out, receipt for rent and copy of lease deed, if one is executed.
3. Deduction for municipal taxes Relevant receipt evidencing payment during the year.
4. Deduction for unrealized rents Details of calculation, and proof of payment on borrowals.
5. Vacancy allowance
Details of vacancy period.
6. Deduction for unrealized rents Documents supporting action taken for eviction of tenant and for realization of outstanding rent.
7. Income from self-leased properties Copy of relevant lease deed.


  1. Consideration received


Copy of ale deed in case of immovable properties. For movable properties like jewellery, shares, etc. copy of cheque received, or the relevant entry in the bank pass book.

Details of expenses, as well as proof of payment.

Details of investments, together with proof of making such investments. If reinvestment is on construction or purchase of new house, details of the new property as well as vouchers/ sale deed supporting expenditure on such house.

  1. Expense on transfer
      3. Reinvestments made for purpose of exemption  


  1. Interest income

Relevant pass book copies of interest warrants.

  1. Income declared from a new source during the year
Source from which investment was made to show that it is out of pos-tax savings or out of non-taxable receipts.
  1. Deduction claimed
Authority for claiming deduction, as wekk as proof of payment, wherever necessary.


1. Taxes deducted at source


2. Advance tax and self assessment tax

Copies of relevant supporting documents, like salary certificates, interest warrants, etc.
Challans for payment.

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