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The Scope of taxable income of an assessee is determined by his residential status. This status will have to be determined in accordance with the provision in the Income Tax.
If A Person does not satisfy any condition he/she is a Non-Resident of India.

  • In case of an Individual presence for at le below ast 182 days in India during the previous Year or;
  • Presence in India for at least 60 days during the Previous Year and 365 days during 4 years immediately preceding the previous Year.

If a person does not satisfy any one condition above he will be treated as €œNon-Resident of India€ for the Purpose of Taxability.


Income and Expenditure Account

Residential Status

Indian Sourced Income

Foreign Sourced Income


Taxable in India

Taxable in India

Resident but not ordinarily resident

Taxable in India

Not taxable in India


Taxable in India

Not taxable in India

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