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Salary From More Than One Employer

For the special attention of employees having more than one employer during the financial year

In the following Situations an employee can have more than one employer during the financial year:

  1. When he is simultaneously employed under more than one employer during the financial year.
  2. When he resigns from employment and takes up another employment during the course of the financial year, either once only or more than once.

In both the situations mentioned above, if the employee should not provide the details of previous salary income, the subsequent employer may pay the salary after taking the Maximum Exemption limit into consideration during the financial year may, with the result that the said employer is not liable to deduct less tax at source.

The employees should however, remember that tax is leviable on the aggregate salary received by him or her for the financial year as the unit, and not each employer as the unit.

However, if the employee provides particulars of previous salary income to subsequent (Current Employer) employer during the financial year, that subsequent employer is statutorily required to take into consideration those particulars while estimating the annual table salary income and to deduct tax on the aggregate salary arrived at in the process.

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