Salary Income Tax
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Where to Pay Tax

The Tax can be paid by the Asseess any one of following mode

  1. Paid Through Bank.
  2. Paid Through Online.

Paid Through Bank:

The taxes due can be paid in any branch of the Reserve Bank of India, any branch of the State Bank of India and its subsidiaries, or in certain specified branches of nationalized banks. Only a single copy of the challan (ITNS 280) is required to be filed at present. The bank will return the challan to the payer with the payment enfacement. The assessee can keep this challan for his personal record.

Paid Through Online:

If the person is liable to pay taxes can he pay the tax by online, for the purpose of paying online taxes the person should have online banking facility.

Procedure for payment by online booking :

Step 1: Open website and click on Pay Taxes Onlineť Tab, which is available in the left-hand in the web page.

Step 2:
If you click on Pay Tax online Tab, You will get a new window (e-Payment) in that you will find challan for payment of Taxes. Just Select the Challan No. /ITNS-280 for payment of Income Tax. 

Setp: 3
If you select a Challan No. /ITNS 280 you will get one more window
(e-Payment, Income Tax Depatment), here you have to fill the personal details.

Once you provide the input just Click on “Proceed” for further steps. It will confirm you for correct PAN. Once you confirm the PAN which you provide is matching with the name in the PAN, click on “Submit to the Bank”.

Step 4:
Once you click on Submit it will go to Bank web page where you have to login with help of online banking facility and Pay the Taxes.

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